Apply for TIMTOS 2021 On-site Guide for Online Visitors


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Apply for TIMTOS 2021 On-site Guide for Online Visitors

While international buyers are unable to visit TIMTOS 2021 in person due to Taiwan’s border control in response to the pandemic, we’re launching an exclusive on-site Guide service along with the online exhibition and online business matchmaking.

Buyers who have specific exhibitors in mind are encouraged to apply for this service. The organizer will arrange on-site tours during the physical show hours in accordance with your request and available timings. An escort equipped with iPAD will guide you online all the way through your selected booths at the showground. There’ll be exhibitors ready to brief buyers and show their exhibits.

  • Applicant: Overseas buyers
  • Deadline: 24:00, March 14, 2021, Taiwan time (Free-of-charge before February 17, 2021)
  • Cost of Online Tour: USD$ 200 
  • How to apply
  1. Fill in an application form
  2. Choose maximum six exhibitors you may meet with in two slots/days (at least three exhibitors in one day). Names of target exhibitors to meet with are required.
  •    Procedure
  1. Online application
  2. The organizer to submit overseas offices the application for verification
  3. The organizer to contact qualified buyers with the appointments arranged

Please note that the service is free-of-charge prior to February 17, 2021. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Person:

Ms. Emma LIN|Tel: 886-2-2725-5200 ext. 2613|Email:


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